The PiezoDAQ is an ultrasonic data-acquisition system capable of producing high-frequency, high-voltage arbitrary ultrasonic signal excitations while acquiring low-voltage signals with a high sampling frequency of 50MHz. Its capabilities make it uniquely suited for acquisition of ultrasonic data from PZTs commonly used in aircraft structural health monitoring and non-destructive evaluation applications. It has 64 multiplexed acquisition channels capable of acquiring pitch catch data and can be connected to up to a 100 temperature sensors.

Front view of the PiezoDAQ Back view of the PiezoDAQ. 
                     From left to right: USB mini B port, Ethernet port, power switch, power port, 
                     D-Sub 78 connector for acquisition channels.
Voltage range 190V peak to peak
Max excitation current 2 Ampere
Signal Type Full arbitrary wave
Sampling Frequency 50MHz
Resolution 14-bit
Acquisition modes Pitch Catch
Number of acquisition channels 64 (transmit and receive)
Number of temperature sensors supported 100 (one-wire interface)
Physical Dimensions 7.25" X 4" X 1.4"


Astute is a software suite used to acquire and analyze data from the PiezoDAQ. Astute has a built in database system that archives all signals collected from monitoring areas of interest. Tools to view, analyze and perform common signal processing tasks on the acquired signals are also available. Astute has algorithms to detect and generate damage maps of a monitoring area based on the database of acquired signals.

Browse through historical data for a monitoring area Select signals/paths to compare Setup a monitoring area using the built-in drawing and sensor placement tools Use damage detection algorithms to generate damage maps and study structural anomalies